A couple gets a his and hers erotic massage and both of them cum.

Tushy Massage has just updated with one of the hottest erotic massage movie updates they have ever put on the site. This couple came in for a his and hers massage and got a lot more than the bargained for – and the loved every second of it.

sensual massage

A couple came into the massage parlor and decided to get a his and hers massage. They ended up with three horny masseuses. The girls put the couple separate beds and started to rub them down. The wife looked over and saw her husband was getting his dick rubbed so she told the girls to get nasty and they started giving her a deep anal massage.

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The girls leaned in and started licking the girls ass while the husband got a full handjob. It was the ultimate in full body sensual massage. The guy came first, exploding with a batch of baby batter all over the masseuses big tits. His wife quickly followed. While one girl gave her an erotic breast massage the other girl rubbed her clit until she came. The couple high fived each other, tipped the masseuses, got dressed and headed home.


A rubdown turns into an erotic massage with a full anal massage.

Tushy Massage really brings the heat with this new update featuring a hottie with a great ass and amazing rack getting a breast massage, full body rubdown and deep anal massage. The erotic massage movies that go along with it are world class. Check it out for yourself and see what I mean.

erotic breast massage

She has been coming to this massage parlor for a while but today her regular masseuse was out. She was a little big nervous about having a guy masseuse instead of a girl, but once he started rubbing her body she relaxed and enjoyed his strong hands on her body. As she rolled over onto her back the rubdown quickly became an erotic massage as he grabbed her tits and gave her a breast massage.

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She was started to get wet and wanted more so he peeled off her panties and started rubbing her ass. He gave her a full body erotic massage then got out a massaging vibrator, spread her cheeks open and pressed it against her ass. She got on all fours and begged him to penetrate her with it so he did just that. He used the toy to give her a deep anal massage until she came.


She gives a deep anal massage and makes her client cum.

The masseuse at Tushy Massage are total pros. These girls have magic hands and know what they are doing. They don’t waste any time getting down to business and delivering the goods. This new update shows one of the best masseuses using her toy to create a deep lesbian anal massage video that you won’t soon forget.

erotic breast massage

It started off sweet and innocent with some nice chatting as the skilled masseuse rubbed this hot girl down. When she got her on her back she got very sensual and gave her a very thorough erotic breast massage. She rubbed her down, making her feel amazing and causing her nipples to stand erect then she rolled her back over and took off her thong. It was anal massage time.

lesbian anal massage

She spread her cheeks open, licked her ass and then used her finger to prime that ass. The erotic massage had relaxed this girl, the anal massage was going to make her cum. When she was moaning and writhing on the table the masseuse pressed the vibrator right against her ass and made her cum so hard she nearly forgot her own name.


He gets an erotic massage with a happy ending.

Tushy Massage knows that as much as these horny masseuses love other girls sometimes they like some dick in their diet. This guy didn’t have any idea what he was in to when he came into the parlor. His massage quickly became an erotic massage and ended with a full on handjob movie.

sensual massage

He thought his masseuse was hot and as she started to rub he could tell she was good with her hands. She rubbed him down from head to toe then rolled him over on his back and did the front. It was a full on erotic massage as she sensually rubbed him and worked his body. She let her hand slid up under his towel to massage his cock and he did nothing but lay there and let her do it.

handjob movie

She was horny so she gripped his dick, pulled off the towel and started to stroke. She is good at giving an erotic massage, but she is even better at giving a handjob. She jacked him off until he was throbbing hard then she stroked a little harder until he came all over her hands. After the sensual massage and happy ending were over she got a towel, cleaned him up and sent him home with a smile.


A full body sensual massage quickly turns into an ass licking movie.

Sometimes the girls on Tushy Massage get so carried away that they full on attack the hot girl’s asses that they massaging. That is case with this newest massage that showed up on the site. The ass licking videos are kinky and down right wild.

sensual massage

This redhead came in for a rubdown and when she saw which masseuse she was going to get she knew right away that she was going to get the full service treatment. She relaxed as she got a full body sensual massage then as her masseuse pulled her panties down it quickly turned into an erotic massage. She rolled over on her back to get a quick, sensual breast massage then back on her stomach. She wants some ass play.

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The masseuse knew just want she wants so she got out her toy, turned it on and pressed it right against this girl’s tight ass. She rubbed that ass good, even moving down and licking it in the middle of the anal massage. The redhead was so turned on from the ass licking and the erotic massage she had one of the best orgasms in her life.


She gets an erotic massage and gets her ass licked.

Tushy Massage sometimes finds a sexy masseuse that is so kinky and into chicks she does some pretty wild things with them. This new update to the site exactly one of those situations. She gives the girl an erotic massage, but gets so turned on that she ends up licking her ass. It is hot and the erotic massage movies and ass licking movies are must see TV.

sensual massage

It started out innocent enough as a regular massage. This masseuse is sexy and knows how to rub another woman down to fully relax her. She gives her the full rub down treatment then pulls her panties down and starts to rub her sweet ass. The anal massage that follows is red hot. The girl getting the massage was nervous at first, but then she relaxed and opened her entire ass up for play.

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The horny masseuse took full advantage as she spread her cheeks open and used her finger for the anal massage. That wasn’t enough so she got out her favorite toy. She didn’t want it to go in dry so she licked her ass and got it nice and wet before sliding that toy deep in her ass and doing a deep anal massage that sent the girl over the edge and into the throws of an intense orgasm.


Her regular massage ends with an erotic anal massage.

The crazy bastards over at Tushy Massage have done it once again. They got some sweet erotic massage videos of this hot girl coming in for a regular massage but ending up getting an erotic massage and loving it so much she cums right there in the massage parlor. It is so hot I had to share some of it with you.


She came in for her monthly massage and was fully relaxed as she stretched out on the table and let the sexy masseuse rub her down from head to toe. As she got more and more relaxed she didn’t even protest as the masseuse slipped her panties off and really started to rub her ass. The masseuse rolled her over and gave her a hot breast massage then she put her back on her belly and went to work on that fine ass.

lesbain anal massage

The hot anal massage felt so good she stuck her ass up in the air and told her to go deep. The masseuse gave her what she wanted and rubbed her ass deep and hard. It was suck an erotic anal massage that she came and moaned so loud everyone in the spa could hear.


He gives her an erotic massage then fucks her right on the table.

This guy is the new masseuse at Tush Massage and he didn’t waste any time getting into the fun. On his first day a hottie came in and he gave her full body erotic massage and a hardcore screw that was so hot they had to include on the site site. I’m not sure if the erotic massage movies or the hardcore fucking movies are hotter.

sensual massage

She was looking forward to getting rubbed down by a strong guy and he didn’t disappoint. He gave her a nice rubdown from head to toe, front to back before finally reaching under her towel and pulling her panties off. She was so wet from the erotic massage she was willing to let him do anything he wanted. He got her fully nude, laid her down and slid his cock into her mouth.

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After a quick blowjob he flipped her around and spread her legs wide open. He stabbed his long, hard cock into her now soaking wet pussy and pounded her deep and hard. The erotic massage was nice, but his dick balls deep inside her made her cum almost instantly. He slammed her hard then splashed her nice tits with his special sauce. She was so relaxed and happy she had a smile on her face for the rest of the day.


After her erotic massage she licks her ass and makes her cum.

The masseuses that work at Tushy Lickers sometimes really like to get wild. When a hottie comes in to get a massage they can’t wait to get her naked and taste her. This new update features a girl that might have one of the best asses I have ever seen and an erotic breast massage movie for the ages.

erotic breast massage

Renee came in for her weekly massage, but had no idea the new masseuse was into girls so as she rubbed Renee down she got more and more turned on. After doing her back and legs she rolled Renee over and gave her an erotic breast massage. It felt so good Renee just laid there and let her do as she pleased.

lesbian rim job

Once she was done with the tits she took the towel off, rolled Renee over and gave her an erotic anal massage. She rubbed her ass like she had rubbed her body, but wanted to taste it so she buried her face in Renee’s ass and tossed her salad. She ended this full body erotic massage with a rim job that made Renee cum like she had never came before.


Physical therapy turns into a lesbian full body erotic massage.

Tushy Massage got their hands on some red hot action for this new update on their site. It seems this girl came in for a physical therapy session on her back and ended up getting a full body erotic massage. The sensual erotic massage videos for the update are so hot you will need to turn on the AC to cool off.

sensual massage

Tara came in to get her weekly back therapy done but got a different masseuse than she normally does. The massage therapist gave her the normal back work then she slid her hands up and really got into working her ass. She kneaded that ass like it was batch of bread dough then pulled Tara’s panties off and gave her an anal massage.

lesbian ass licking

She pulled Tara up onto her hands and knees and slid her tongue right into Tara’s ass. It was the hottest erotic massage she had ever got as the masseuse licked her ass and rubbed her tits until she came. Her pussy was wet, her body relaxed and she had no back pain at all. Maybe an erotic lesbian massage and ass licking was all she ever needed.